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Sopcast 3.5.0 – broadcast yourself and watch TV channels online using this valuable piece of P2P technology  

Overall Impressions

Now, when Internet connections are becoming more and more stable and the bandwidth is not a problem anymore, a lot of other devices which in the past seemed to be irreplaceable, like the TV and radio, can be successfully substituted by the almighty Internet. For those who don’t want to pay the cable altogether with the Internet bill, programs like Sopcast 3.4.0 offer them the possibility to watch free TV channels online. Due to its P2P technology, you may also broadcast yourself with Sopcast without needing a large bandwidth.


Sopcast 3.5.0



After you download Sopcast and run the program we’ll be asked to opt to install search bar, which you can still deselect. You can log in as an anonymous when you run the program or create an account if you intend to broadcast yourself.

Interface and Features

The interface is plain and self-explanatory. In order to see the channels available, all you have to do is to click on the Live Channels Tabs. There are of channels to choose from, all organized in categories. You can watch the channel in full screen and, if you’re not satisfied with Sopcast build-in player, you’re free to choose another one, clicking the Options button at the button of the main interface.

There is, as I’ve specified before, an option to broadcast your own channel. You have to select a web address at which the people can see the program filmed and edited by you. You may opt for a private channel, creating a network group that can see the program. Using the P2P technology, the quality of the streaming will depend a lot on the number of people who are watching at that moment the channel (the more viewers, the better).


-there are a lot of channels broadcasted which are organized on categories;

-you may broadcast yourself without needing a large bandwidth;

- user-friendly.


-streaming quality may vary a lot.

Alternatives to Sopcast:

TvAnts is a project of Zhejiang University and it broadcasts mainly Asian channels.It’s pretty popular due to  the channels broadcast live European football.. Readon TV Movie Radio Player is another player that gives makes you able to access TV channels and radio stations. TVU Player also you to watch some major channels over the internet, by sharing your bandwidth with other users, but it isn’t extremely stable.






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