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3DMark Vantage  

Overall Impressions

After buying a new computer and carefully reading the documentation about each and every component, the next thought of advanced users and especially gamers is to get a trusted benchmarking software to test it properly. Not only the advanced users think high about CPU and graphic tests, but also the average PC user who want to test their computer capabilities to assure themselves of the value of their choices. 3DMark Vantage is probably the leader in PC benchmark software due to their accurate testing results and the wide array of features they offer. It comes in three editions: the Basic free edition, which makes available only the essential features and it can only display results online, the Advanced one, with most of the features present at a cost of $19.99 and the Professional Edition, licensed for commercial use, offers command line automation and a priority support at a cost of $995. 00.


3DMark Vantage


Installation and Support

3D Vantage only supports computers with DirectX 10 compatible graphic cards and that have to meet some minimal system requirements: as an operating system: Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS, a x64/x86 single core CPU with SSE2 support, 1G of RAM and 1GB of hard disk space. The Display Device must be at least capable of w1280x1024 resolution, which are quite decent requirements. The recommended requirements are the following: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, AMD Athlon X2 6000+ or equivalent, or higher; 2GB or more system memory, the others remaining the same.

The installation process is quite straightforward: you are given a choice: to choose between “Custom” and “Express” Modes. The Custom one lets the user select the destination path of the software and  the features he wants to install.

Interface and Features


The interface is stylish, modern and yet intuitive. The main menu consists from a futuristic sidebar with glossy buttons that display, if they are clicked upon, a submenu with other options. The first category is entitled “Main” and it shows the bundle of tests available and the button that must be pressed to perform the benchmark. If you click the “Options” button, another subcategory will appear, allowing you to choose the kind of benchmark test you want to perform: the graphics tests, the CPU and features tests.

If you want to obtain information upon your system configuration, all you have to do is to click the “System Info” Button and you’ll receive a full report containing info about your system’s hardware and software, pretty much the same as the “Results” button, which displays a detailed report of the test results in your default web browser.

If you purchased a commercial version, you may click the “Upgrade button” to enter your registration code. To see the version you installed and a list of the development team you can press the “About” button.


-         it offers accurate test results;

-         it also offers a detailed report of the system hardware and software configuration;

-         stylish and user-friendly interface.



-         the free version offers just the performance testing preset and you can’t use the customizing options;

-         you need an internet connection to access the benchmarking tests.

Alternatives to 3DMarkVantage:

3DMark Vantage performs some accurate tests, despite of the fact that you can’t access the customizing options if you use the free versions. There are still some alternatives that must be taken into consideration, like Heaven Benchmark, which also has a full version which is paid and a free one, created for graphic cards compatible with DirectX11 and which supports not only Windows OS, but also Linux. Furmark is another benchmarking utility which works only on systems using Windows OS (Windows XP and Vista).





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