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Rumour: Serious mass production troubles for Microsoft Surface; its aluminium-magnesium chassis is to be blamed
In the event in Los Angeles, when Microsoft Surface was proudly introduced, the company focused, ...

iPad Mini to be produced in Brazil according to some credible sources
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A Nexus 7 teardown hints about the price of the budget tablet’s components
Nexus 7 hit hard the tablet market offering a great package of hardware and software at a cheaper ...

Mode your iPhone for wireless charging using this tutorial
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University of Calgary Introducing Fat Thumb, a Software Technique allowing Single-Handed Mobile Interaction
How many times did you try to call your wife, daughter, boss, mistress, etc (I shouldn’t have said ...

Call of Duty 3 Trailer - a free to play first person shooter addressing to Chinese players
Activision and Tencent collaborated to create Call of Duty Online, a F2P developed specifically for ...

Apple patented the iGlass – will it be a real competitor for Google Project Glass?
Long story short, it’s iPhone-/iPad-like device embedded in reading glasses. A pair of fancy ...

Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper made available on Google Play
Will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean be available for your device? If not, you can still customize your phone ...

Galaxy Nexus removed from Google Play, read how will the next update affect the device's performances
Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone coming with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, was banned in the ...

Official Assassin's Creed III trailer - more storytelling, psychology and probably less action
If I was to make a top of the most anticipated games this year, Assassin’s Creed 3 would probably ...

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CCleaner Remove all unnecessary files with this handy Crap Cleaner


Overall Impressions

While the hard disks became larger and larger and the disk space is no longer such a sensitive problem for the average user, the computer system is burdened with more and more junk files, especially for those who have the habit  of installing and uninstalling  a lot of programs they thought they need at a certain period of time. There are a lot of PC maintenance tools which boast to clean the system, increasing its speed. What does CCleaner, product of Piriform company, offer in order to be more famous than others? We’re going to answer this question in the review below, specifying the features this system optimization tool bundles in its package.

Install and support

There are two version of Ccleaner freeware: one installable version and the portable edition, which are in fact the same thing, except, of course, of the fact that the portable version requires no installation and can be stored up on a portable device, not adding anything to the Windows registry. You must choose the download Ccleaner in any of its two versions. For those who choose to install CCleaner, the lightweight setup kit (only 2MB) provides a fast installation, even if it contains an adware like Yahoo! Toolbar. Ccleaner enhancer was meant for Windows and it works on Win98 and upper versions of Windows.


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FBackup 4.5 Build 234 - You cannot afford to lose any of your precious files.


People tend to emphasize a lot on the necessity on having some reliable backup utilities on your computer and, of course, on actually using them. They do have a point: hours, days, even years of work can be lost in a few seconds if you don’t consider a back up plan for your vital data. FBackup is an extremely useful backup software which protect your precious data by performing a file backup automatically to a USB or Firewire device, to any local or network location.

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to backup your data. You can copy your files to a lot of devices, ranging from a well-known USB to cloud services that store your data. But the most important of all is to make the backup process an automated one, and FBackup does precisely this: it automates the backup process. And, an even better piece of news, this backup program from Softland does it for free. In short, the application performs exact copies of files, makes zip compressions of your files and provides restore and backup wizards.


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MalwareBytes’ AntiMalware –save your bytes when malware bites


Overall Impressions

MalwareBytes’ AntiMalware is one of the most acclaimed malware and spyware remover ever and not without reason. There are two versions of this malware protection tool: a free and a paid version. The first is a basic, free anti malware and anti-spyware software, able to fully scan your computer, always ready to detect and remove all kinds of malicious threats. What the paid version puts on the plate is an extra real time protection module and heuristic protection and the ability to scan websites checking for viruses, malware and spyware and blocking them in time before damaging your PC.

Installation and Support

The process is quite a straightforward one; all you have to do is to set up the language, select the installation location and checking or unchecking the buttons that offer to create a desktop icon and a launch icon. The application asks you to reboot your computer to in order to finalize the installment process. Then you may be asked to choose to update the database, as any serious anti-malware program. 

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Defraggler - Editor's Review


Overall Impressions

Not many are aware of the fact that the main data storage unit, the hard disk drive, the, didn’t update too much the way it stores data. Most files have very different characteristics and they are scattered across the hard disk, which is called “disk fragmentation”, which affects in time the reading and writing speeds, especially when people use to install and uninstall a lot of programs and when they download a bunch of video and audio files they eventually erase. There are some pieces of software that arrange all the scattered data in blocks, increasing the writing and reading speed. Deflaggler is capable to defragment individual files, instead of the whole partition, as the default defragmenting tool built in Windows and, even more important, when using Defraggler you won’t have to worry about a slowing down of the whole system, as it happens with the embedded defragmenting Windows software. 


Installation and support

The installation process is quite smooth, being adware free. Even if it’s a freeware, Defraggler gives one the possibility of buying a licensed version, which doesn’t upgrade the program, but which provides a full support from the developers. The defragment tool can copy an executable to any USB flash drive, thus running on any PC without an installation process. I should add that it’s only available for those who use Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, regardless if the system runs on 32 or 64 bits. 

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Yahoo Messenger Editor’s Review

Overall Impressions

One of the most popular free instant messaging software offers now new possibilities to connect and have a lot of fun with users from Yahoo network and MSN, Gmail and Facebook. It comes with a bundle of useful features, like instant chat, video and voice calling, mail alert, file transfer, photo sharing and games.

Installation and support

After you download Yahoo Messenger 11 setup file, you can choose either the typical or the custom installation. In the custom install you accept or reject the Yahoo Toolbar and Yahoo Shortcuts and you may set Yahoo as your default search engine and your homepage. In the installation package is also included an add-on called Yahoo BrowserPlus, that simplifies the process of sending attachments, uploading pictures, etc. The installation process will introduce you the program’s features and it’s rather sluggish, depending on the bandwidth. 

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware – comprehensive protection against malicious threats

Overall Impressions

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a comprehensive tool whose main purpose is to ensure a full protection against viruses, malware, spyware, adware, rootkits, worms and bots. Quite an ambitious project, one might say. In fact, the security tool offers 2 cleaning scanners in one software: an anti-virus and anti-malware, Emsisoft’s own scan engine and Ikarus’, altogether with other “bonuses”: a file guard, surf protection and behavior blocker. The price for these scanning task is quite low, compared to other anti-malware tools: $40.

It seems like a program that accesses a lot of Ram memory and uses a lot of CPU, which isn’t exactly true. The security utility doesn’t exhaust your computer, slowing it down too much. Another good news is that it benefits from an automatic update in order to protect your from all known malicious threats. It also has a behavior-based blocker, which analyses all the behavior of every program you’ve installed on your PC, blocking any software who attempts to perform a suspicious operation.

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TeamViewer 6.0.11052 Editor’s review


Teamviewer 6 is a remote control application which lets you gain access over the desktops of your friends without being a computer savy. If you just run Teamviewer on your computer and ask the other person to do the same, you’ll be able to assist another person and let another assist you. You can also set the level of control you or the other person gains on your computer: presentation, remote support, file transfer or VPN.

Installation and support:

You can choose between a portable app and an installation version. If you choose to download the last one, the installation process is fast and secure, due to the lightweight installation kit (around 3MB). All you need is a PC running Windows 98 or a newer Windows version. When you install TeamViewer, you can choose to run at startup and you can also choose more secure screen sharing, installing the TeamViewer VPN driver.

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RAR Pass Finder

Overall Impressions:

If you have some valuable information you wouldn’t like to share with anybody, like a list of passwords or some secret photos, the solution at hand is to make a RAR archive and to set a passwords. Nothing is easier, but in the same time, nothing is easier to forget than the password of your RAR or ZIP archive and your top secret personal files will be impossible to access. Then you begin to think about clues to recover the password and all your attempts are meant to fail…until you find a rar password recovery freeware that help you recover your personal files.

Interface and features

Rar Pass Finder is a user-friendly password recovery software with a clean, nice interface which is quite self-explanatory. The fact that the pass finder is available only in German language isn’t a issue for anybody, due to the fact that it has only 3 buttons and Google Translate or other translation tools are available for everybody. Just open the .rar files you want with Rar-Archiv button or simply drag and drop it in the program window and begin using the password list with the Passwortliste (the password list).

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DownThemAll – download everything on a page with this Firefox extension

Overall Impressions

Those who need to download absolutely everything that can be downloaded in a page: images, videos, links, etc must have found out that isn’t an easy task. This laborious process can be transformed into an automated one, with the new DownThemAll extension for Firefox. This download manager enhances Mozilla Firefox downloading capabilities, detecting everything that can be downloaded from a page.

Interface and features

DownThemAll is a highly user-friendly tool, easy to download and to use. You can find it in the Tools menu and all you have to do is to right-click with the mouse on the webpage you’re interested in and you’ll have the option to download with this download accelerator. The interface is fairly intuitive, all you have to do being to choose the save file location, to provide a description and a referring page.


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Google Talk – The compact Gmail’s instant messenger

Overall impressions

Google’s ambition to offer the world a free instant messaging program with voice and even video capabilities able to compete with the highly popular MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype took the shape of Google Talk. With a user-friendly, simplistic interface, and yet nothing vital missing, G-Talk offers high quality services Voip, a perfect compatibility with other Google’s applications, like Gmail and Google Chat and some other features we’ll discuss later in the review.

Installation and support

Once you download Google Talk, the installation process is clean, due to the fact that Google Talk setup kit’s size is just 900kb and no third party software is needed. In order to enjoy the video chat function, one needs to download a Google Talk plugin. Unfortunately, GTalk is supported only by the Windows platform, more specifically, Windows XP or higher. But even if there’s no Google Talk for Linux or Mac, there’s a Google Talk video chat plug-in that enables the web-chat on Linux and Mac.


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