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Network & Internet  

How to run any program without actually install it on your PC using Spoon


I must confess: I’m a software addict; I like to experiment a lot, especially with free software.  Unfortunately, installing and uninstalling too many programs on the same computer affects the computer performance. Some of the applications, if you don’t pay too much attention, run in the background and consume system memory, making your PC sluggish. Fortunately, there are some answers to this problem: application virtualization software.

Spoon provides an easy way to run your applications without actually installing them on the computer, the advantages being worthy of consideration: keeps your PC performance at high quotas, runs the applications in an isolated environment, prevents viruses, data thefts and other problems.  It uses the web browser to launch programs into a virtualized environment. You can install this way Games, Media Apps, Browsers, Productivity Apps, Social Apps, etc. 

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Flashget 3.7.0 –Increase your download speed while you’re handling your files more efficiently

Overall Impressions

Even today, when a lot of users enjoy a broadband internet connection, a freeware download manager proves to be extremely useful, not only improving the downloading speed, but also efficiently handling the files. Flashget offers a wide array of features, automating the download process and organizing the files. It boasts a smart downloads management, it’s highly compatible with rapidshare files and with flash movies, and it also contains a free antivirus. And all these for free.

Installation and support

Anyone could download this free download manager in an instant, due to the lightweight 4Mb setup kit. Once you download Flashget, the installation process is fast and user friendly, not having any additional programs. The only disadvantage is that only the Windows’ user can enjoy this gratis software.


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Free IP Scanner 1.8– A fast and reliable IP scanner


Overall Impressions

Network administrators and advanced home users with a small number of home computers alike want to know what’s happening inside their network and for that they use Internet Protocol scanning utilities. Each computer that operates in a network is designated an Internet Protocol Address or IP and for a network administrator to get an information about each computer operating inside the network he needs to learn the IP, the Mac address, the NetBios details, the open ports, etc. This way, he can ensure that there aren’t any security issues in the network.

The Free IP scanner is a all-in-one software that offers vital information about the IP address, names of the host, MAC address and work group, performing in the same time a port scanning in order to provide data about the open ports, a tool that other IP scanners don’t have. The developer boasts with a scanning speed of more than one hundred scans/minute.

Installation and support

The IP scanner is an extremely light application (0.42 MB) that you won’t need to install and it can be run from an USB device. In other words, it’s a standalone application. It can be launched with a double click, no matter where it’s located. When you’ll run it, you’ll be able to register in order to place your donation, if you choose to. If not, you can just press the “Later” button.



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Frostwire: A Bittorrent client that believes in the power of sharing

Overall Impressions

Even if Frostwire’s interface doesn’t resemble Limeware too much, this P2P file sharing client is based on Limeware, a BitTorrent client that works on Gnutella network, used to download files off torrent sites. Unlike Limewire, which comes in three versions: Limeware basic, Pro and Extended Pro, out of which just the first version is free, the other two offering advanced features like turbo-changed downloads and search results, Frostwire comes in just one version, and it has built in almost all the features Limeware Pro comes with.

Installation and Support

In order to install FireWire, one just needs 256mb of RAM, a connection to the internet, Java 1.6 and any operating system, quite low requirements for our modern times. Another good piece of news of that FrostWire supports a wide array of operating systems: Windows (2000/NT/XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux including Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and Ubuntu. and Android (2.1 Eclair or higher). A somehow bad news is that the program can be classified as a adware, offering to install Ask toolbar. In the installation process will appear the setup wizard, giving you the possibility to configure the program, choosing from an array pf options before running the program. 

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Internet Download Manager: Speed up your Internet Downloads now!


Overall Impressions


Many of us need an enhancement in the internet speed when downloading files, especially the users with a limited bandwith. Internet Download Manager is a download accelerator that will manage your files in an efficient way, increasing up to 500% the download speed. IDM has a lot of extra features to offer as well: the possibility to schedule the download, to resume downloads when something happens to the connection and some more. Don’t let yourselves fooled of advertisements like: “download internet download manager for free”. It offers only a 30 day free trial, after which one can choose to pay a license for enjoying a higher internet speed. 

Installation and support

IDM provides a fast installation, due to the fact that there aren’t any toolbars or additional programs. It’s not so picky with the Internet browser you use, so you ca integrate it with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Unfortunately, IDM is available only for the Windows operating system, so the users of Windows 7, Vista and XP can enjoy it. The installation program will check the speed of your Internet connection and well and it also integrates an automatic antivirus checking

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