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Rumour: Serious mass production troubles for Microsoft Surface; its aluminium-magnesium chassis is to be blamed
In the event in Los Angeles, when Microsoft Surface was proudly introduced, the company focused, ...

iPad Mini to be produced in Brazil according to some credible sources
The great majority of Apple’s products are produced in China, but this time some sources claim ...

A Nexus 7 teardown hints about the price of the budget tablet’s components
Nexus 7 hit hard the tablet market offering a great package of hardware and software at a cheaper ...

Mode your iPhone for wireless charging using this tutorial
What would do like your iPhone to do? If your answer was “charging wirelessly”, your wish will ...

University of Calgary Introducing Fat Thumb, a Software Technique allowing Single-Handed Mobile Interaction
How many times did you try to call your wife, daughter, boss, mistress, etc (I shouldn’t have said ...

Call of Duty 3 Trailer - a free to play first person shooter addressing to Chinese players
Activision and Tencent collaborated to create Call of Duty Online, a F2P developed specifically for ...

Apple patented the iGlass – will it be a real competitor for Google Project Glass?
Long story short, it’s iPhone-/iPad-like device embedded in reading glasses. A pair of fancy ...

Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper made available on Google Play
Will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean be available for your device? If not, you can still customize your phone ...

Galaxy Nexus removed from Google Play, read how will the next update affect the device's performances
Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone coming with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, was banned in the ...

Official Assassin's Creed III trailer - more storytelling, psychology and probably less action
If I was to make a top of the most anticipated games this year, Assassin’s Creed 3 would probably ...

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Recover your deleted .doc, .pdf .jpg, files files using the Shadow Copies from the Automatic Windows 7 or Vista System Restore/Protection

Most people find themselves inside the following scenario: for a reason or another, they press the delete button way too early and afterwards they just cannot recuperate it, as long as it’s not in the Recycle Bin. That’s where our story begins and where we begin to ask everybody for Windows recovery and backup tricks. 

The good news is that Windows’ System Restore ( in Windows 7 or Vista) or System Protection ( in Windows XP) contains an automatic file backup entitled “Shadow Copies”. Inside it, there are created by default backup copies. They’re called “Previous versions”, a name you must bear in your mind. So, if you remember exactly the deleted file name, you have a good chance to recuperate that lost file. 
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GalaxSim Unlock - Probably the best Galaxy S3 Unlocker in the world and cheapest, unlike Carlsberg!

Sim-locked phones are certainly not my cup of tea. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. You can always buy an unlock key ( for some, quite expensive) or search for free solutions. The Android community, in its infinite creativity and wisdom, provides a solution to almost each problem you can think of. 

The one who deserves your thanks this time is spocky12, member of XDA developers, with his new GalaxSim Unlock app. It works with all the current versions of Android OS and, according to spocky12: as of now, this app does more than any other manual or automatic methods available, so your device won't relock with any currently available roms (post lg6, Jb leaks...).
There is, also, a minuscule chance for Samsung to perform checks in the future ROMs capable to relock your much appraised Galaxy S3. In spocky12’s words: “Now I won't lie to you. I won't tell you it will unlock your phone forever, as I can't say for sure...I can't affirm that this app makes all the changes made with buying an official unlock code (at least, not yet). So Samsung might add some checks in future roms that could probably relock the phone. Or they won't. With my growing experience of Samsung's EFS, it seems however that they might not do more than my app, in other words, I'm starting to believe that this patch will still work in the future.”
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Install Adobe Flash Player on any device running Android Jelly Bean 4.1

If you’ve already updated your phone to Jelly Bean, congratulations, you do have a potent phone with a smoother operating system then ever. The only problem you might confront it is the lack of flash, because, as you’ve already heard for months, Adobe Flash and Google are not bed fellows anymore (only if you see it as an issue, because some users are still content with HTML5).  For the nostalgic users can’t live without Flash on their Jelly Bean flavoured phones there’s always a solution, at least as long as XDA members and forums exist.


Don’t worry, if you follow the exact instructions on the links I’m going to provide for you the whole operation will be an easy and safe one. Especially if you happen to own a device running Android Jelly Bean 4.1 with Android’s native browser app (Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S, for example).

So, as I’ve said before, in order to prolong the goodies the Flash Player has to offer for your device, all you need is a smartphone running Android’s native browser, because Flash can’t possibly work with the Chrome browser, as it doesn’t support plugins. So, you have to own either a Nexus, or a smartphone running custom ROMS based on Jelly Bean and run Android’s native browser. 

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Overclock your Samsung Galaxy S3 using Ninphetamin3 custom kernel step-by-step tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 boasts with one of the fastest processor out there: 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos and only its big brother, the much-appraised Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might compete with it. But you can’t really say you have too much horse power in any gadget, so people will always try to hack what seems to be working perfectly to make it work even better or to break it. 
The people from XDA were curious about how far one can overclock Samsung’s flagship phone’s processor and they introduced the Ninphetamin3 kernel for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 which speeds up its 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos to 1.8 Ghz. More than that, the overall phone’s performance will be improved and the user will gain more control over the smartphone’s features,  with CPU Voltage Control Interface, Compiler optimizations, Removed Debug overhead and many more. 
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Enjoy the features of professional video cameras on your video-capable DSRL with Magic Lantern

Overall Impressions

If you own a video-capable DSRL and you’re extremely interested in making videos with it, its huge sensor will help you a lot, even if there are some shortcomings to using it (the autofocus system is not so reliable in video mode, the audio is not so great, the output file is enormous, etc). Your camera’s potential will be exploited at its maxim and some of these shortcomings can be avoided if you learn how to use Magic Lantern, a video enhancement which makes available a lot of features that nearly transform your DSRL into a professional video camera.

What are the features I’m talking about? For a start, you can set up programmable focus, add a zebra pattern to display the overexposed areas, enjoy a finer audio control, add custom crop marks for various aspect ratios. This way, your DSRL will function like a camera that costs 10-20 times more its price. It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Especially knowing that installing the program isn’t quite rocket science and it will be explained each step of the process to you. 

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Install and handle iOS applications without iTunes with iAppMaster 1.1


In order to handle your iPad or Iphone applications you need to have iTunes installed to perform iTunes application synchronization. iAppMaster 1.1 is a reliable alternative to iTunes and lets you install, uninstall and backup applications on an iOS device (it doesn’t really matter if it’s jailbroken or not).

Installation and support

The good news is that when you install iAppMaster you don’t have to install other daemons. You have to download the iOS app and a .plist file. In order to use the app you need certain .ipa files. After you download the .ipa files you need, each ipa file will be installed in a separated installation process, with a confirmation window. Even though, the installation process is not as long as you’ve though, at least when you think about the iTunes synch process, which can last around 4-5 minutes.


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Load Mozilla Firefox pages faster


I don’t know what your favourite Internet browser is, the competition between the latest versions of the Web browsers is really close. But I do know how to improve their performance using the right settings. Today I’ll bring Mozilla Firefox into your attention, showing you how to speed it up like a stud from the far West. Bear with me, I’ll tell you to exact steps to do it, with screenshots.

Warning: Some pages can load slower with these new settings and some faster. Please give us your feedback about this.


Step by Step Tutorial:


1. Take a deep breath…and type about:config into the address bar and press enter. It’s the bar in which you type the name of the sites you’re looking for, starting with http:/www…Look at the first screenshot if not sure where to type. You’ll receive a warning about the fact that you’re going to mess with some settings, click OK if you feel sure.

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