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Rumour: Serious mass production troubles for Microsoft Surface; its aluminium-magnesium chassis is to be blamed
In the event in Los Angeles, when Microsoft Surface was proudly introduced, the company focused, ...

iPad Mini to be produced in Brazil according to some credible sources
The great majority of Apple’s products are produced in China, but this time some sources claim ...

A Nexus 7 teardown hints about the price of the budget tablet’s components
Nexus 7 hit hard the tablet market offering a great package of hardware and software at a cheaper ...

Mode your iPhone for wireless charging using this tutorial
What would do like your iPhone to do? If your answer was “charging wirelessly”, your wish will ...

University of Calgary Introducing Fat Thumb, a Software Technique allowing Single-Handed Mobile Interaction
How many times did you try to call your wife, daughter, boss, mistress, etc (I shouldn’t have said ...

Call of Duty 3 Trailer - a free to play first person shooter addressing to Chinese players
Activision and Tencent collaborated to create Call of Duty Online, a F2P developed specifically for ...

Apple patented the iGlass – will it be a real competitor for Google Project Glass?
Long story short, it’s iPhone-/iPad-like device embedded in reading glasses. A pair of fancy ...

Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper made available on Google Play
Will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean be available for your device? If not, you can still customize your phone ...

Galaxy Nexus removed from Google Play, read how will the next update affect the device's performances
Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone coming with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, was banned in the ...

Official Assassin's Creed III trailer - more storytelling, psychology and probably less action
If I was to make a top of the most anticipated games this year, Assassin’s Creed 3 would probably ...

Audio & Multimedia  

Turn video files into GIF animations with Any GIF Converter

You must have seen some animated GIFs that made your day ( especially when it’s a Friday, like this very day) and you may  have some cool ideas of your own, but you still have no clue how to do it. Any GIF Animator is a user-friendly ( almost noob-friendly) app that converts video files into GIF animation with just a few mouse clicks. 
You should pay a little extra attention to the installation process, to avoid the installment of some unwanted software. GIF animator needs to preinstall some codecs on your system and unfortunately the codec pack called Cole2K Media comes packaged with Ask toolbar, so don’t check out all the windows you see in front of you. 
The video formats you’ll be able to work with would be: VI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, MOV and MKV. No complaints here, these are the most popular video formats. 
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Improve your Android smartphone battery life with these useful apps

You all know that the greatest battery consumers are the mobile data connections, 4G/LTE/3G, Wi-Fi services, location services, GPS, etc. So, when you don’t need any of this, it would be better to turn them on ( you can place widgets with them and this way, it would be simpler). You should also know that mobile data connections eat your battery a lot faster than Wi-fi. If you’re asking why, the answer is pretty simple: the distance between the transmitter being smaller when it comes to Wi-fi, the signal you’ll get will be stronger and somewhat more stable, so you’re smartphone’s antenna doesn’t need so much energy. Lucky you!

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How to connect your Android device to your desktop keyboard via Wi-fi using Remote Keyboard

Sometimes I find hard to type messages or emails on my smartphone’s virtual keyboard, and I’m sure you would much prefer to use a full computer keyboard instead. The first solution popping in anybody’s mind is pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with your Android phone. But, fortunately for those who don’t own this kind of device, there’s a second possibility : using a free Android application called Remote Keyboard, you can easily connect your Android device to your desktop keyboard.  You won’t be having any heartache installing this; you can take my word for it. 

Or...wait, you actualy don't have to take my word for it, you'll discover it for yourself reading this detailed, step-by-step tutorial. 

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Feel the pulse of the world and create your first time-lapse slider

Have you ever tried to use the time lapse technique, in order words to group a series of photos taken with the same subject and to playback them, fooling the eye into believe it’s a single video sequence? You just need to playback them at around 24-30 frames per second to create that effect. You must have seen that classic sequence of images that show a plant growing, cities in the daily motion, various buildings ascending to the sky, blah, blah, blah. 

If you’d want to know how to play around with time-lapse photography ten or twenty years ago, it would have been far more difficult and you’d need out of this world skills and patience. Now, you can use these skills and this patience at thinking about pictures, not techniques. All you need is the right time lapse software for Windows, to do most of the work for you. The time lapse tool I’m talking is the open source Motion Time Lapser and it’s made for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. 
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Windows wake up from sleep tutorial or make your PC say “Good morning, sunshine!”


There are some moments in which you want your PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to automatically wake up in the morning or at some other time. You may want to trigger an alarm ( when you’re doing something extremely important, like going to the airport in the morning, at a meeting you don’t want to miss for anything in the world, or just launching a video reminding you at an important task, etc). Either way, you need to set up the automatic wake up from sleep task on Windows 7 or 8. Piece of cake. 

Disclaimer: The following tutorial assumes you know next to nothing about how your PC works, so don't feel offended if it's too explicit for your tastes. Expecially the pictures, depicting the crude reality of all the steps. 

Disclamer 2: If you woke up in the morning at the right hour, don't blame us. Your boss should assume all the responsibility for that despicable act. 

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Access Google Play Books, Magazines,Movies, Music and TV Shows outside United States.

Google Play outside United States


Is there anybody there frustrated for not living in US? Now, our frustration has just met a new reason: people outside this beautiful country won’t enjoy full access to Google Play, at least not for now. At least, not officially. So, what’s the purpose of owning a high-specs, full-featured, rooted Android phone, if you can’t spend your money on all the useful and, why not, the not-so-useful stuff from Google Play: Google  Music, Books, Magazines, Movies, TV Shows, etc? For now, only the games and apps can be downloaded from us, the unlucky mortals across the ocean. 

Fortunately, there are some developers who encountered the same problems and decided to come with an ingenious solution. You must have guessed: an XDA Forums member was the one to enable access to all Google Play services outside United States. Below it’s an easy to follow, succinct tutorial for you to follow. 

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Put Siri in the background while running other apps on your IOS 6 Iphone

Wouldn’t it be cool to talk to Siri “in flesh and blood”, not a sophisticated application? Or simply learn all these things, without having to interrupt whatever you were doing before asking Siri something? This would be entirely possible if you could “hide” the app, run Siri in the background. 

A Cydia tweak in the jailbreak store, entitled HiddenHelper, disables Siri interface when you access Siri if you choose so. Of course, this would be a bad idea if you’re not a native speaker and you can’t possibly say if Siri understood you correctly or not. 
Don’t worry, using this app won’t stop you from using Siri for all these; it just will be invisible and you’ll be able to do whatever you’re doing without enabling Siri interface. Long-press the Home button, or raise the device to your ear and you’ll  launch the invisible variant of the assistant. 
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Sopcast 3.5.0 – broadcast yourself and watch TV channels online using this valuable piece of P2P technology

Overall Impressions

Now, when Internet connections are becoming more and more stable and the bandwidth is not a problem anymore, a lot of other devices which in the past seemed to be irreplaceable, like the TV and radio, can be successfully substituted by the almighty Internet. For those who don’t want to pay the cable altogether with the Internet bill, programs like Sopcast 3.4.0 offer them the possibility to watch free TV channels online. Due to its P2P technology, you may also broadcast yourself with Sopcast without needing a large bandwidth.


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How to obtain better results using OCR - Optical character recognition


Time is precious for every one of us, and modern technology sometimes takes away our precious time and sometimes gives it to us: “technology giveth, technology taketh away.” Optical characters recognition software converts a scanned image (or a picture taken with a digital camera or phone camera) into readable and editable text format.

OCR tools analyze an image, recognizes features typical to characters or compares it to the fonts from its database (the more fonts it has, the more probable is to recognize it right). Most OCR software use dictionaries, changing the approach of recognizing individual words to detect whole words. Some OCR tools are unable to detect fonts and formats, just knowing the feature of some characters. Others are perfectly able to recognize paragraph formatting, multiple columns, tables and images inside the text.

There are some OCR tools that allow you to do a spell checker for you to infer the unrecognized words. With this approximate approach, the text cannot be 100% accurate, but all these tools tend to offer you a good recognition quality. 

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Samsung Galaxy S3 camera software tweak boosts video recording to 30 Mbps in Superfine; next upgrade 60 fps capture for all resolutions


Those who tested Samsung’s Galaxy S3 video camera weren’t so happy seeing the 1080p recorded videos. An expert would say they record approximately 19 megabits per second, while the naked eye says that just 'isn’t enough'.

But there one software tweak that improves the camera quality (at least on paper). HyperX, a reputable custom ROM developer with quite a history in Android hacks, decided it was time you took the full advantage of the 8-megapixel video recording creating a Samsung S3 exclusive mod. The video quality is taken to new heights: when it comes to 1080p video capabilities, the Fine Mode is enhanced 19 Megabits per second to 24 Mbps, while the 'Superfine mode' boast an impressive 30 Mbps. 

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